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Relying on his faithful mentors, Jensen gleans industry understanding from teachers and instructors. He has a background in construction and maintains these long standing relationships by communicating and following up positively. His desire in all business endeavors has been to facilitate environments for the Win, Win, Win outcomes.

Real estate and a consulting business has given Jensen the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. The system Jensen employs and teaches, along with all his business partners, is about safety, comfort, and facts. In application of systems, Jensen has learned to rely on competent professionals such as real estate agents, contractors, lenders, (hard money and private,) vetting their opinions through diligent research and management.

Jensen has had the privilege of working through the construction phases. From demolition to the finishing touches, there are many projects that have been useful for Jensen in his understanding of construction. He has gained knowledge from everyone he has worked with; sheet rockers, landscapers, carpenters, roofers, suppliers, installers, handymen, jack- of-all- trades! High-end luxury homes require top quality not just in materials, but also in craftsmanship. Jensen has gained great relationships with these experts in their fields, which allows him to do what he loves, finding deals.

Jensen is a professional sports enthusiast; having grown up playing many sports, he facetiously thinks he can critique the pros better than coaches and players. He loves his family and takes bi yearly “dual sport” motorcycle trips with the boys in the family. He is a spiritual man and does his best to follow God. Jensen recently married in 2012 and inherited fatherhood with two wonderful boys, now ages 12 and 10, Michael and Jonathan respectively. A young toddler, Layla, 2, is now an old sister to Olivia Hope, born February 2016.